chapter 6: Spotify v. The Internet
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The internet is a crazy place. Basically anything you could ever want is only a click away. When it comes to music, the internet shows no mercy. For as long as I can remember the interwebs, I can recall a very public battle between music sharers and the music industry. A file sharing service would pop up and eventually be shut down only to be replaced by another. Napster begot Kazaa and Kazaa begot Limewire. When torrents entered the scene it spelled certain doom for record sales. Yes, there is iTunes the alternative for the ethical internet user but lets look at some numbers. This article from suggests that as of January 2011, BitTorrent had more users than viewers of Youtube and Facebook. COMBINED.Needless to say Torrents have become a force to be reckoned with in the world music downloads.Enter Spotify. A relative new comer to the online music scene, Spotify offers the user both a paid and free experience and provides unlimited, but most importantly, on demand play of a super large music library. Motalen CEO Sean Austin (Interwebz music connoisseur) can not get enough of Spotify. He uses it constantly. Who could blame him? It is a great service. I love it because even though I don’t use iTunes to buy music and the disc drive on my MacBook Pro is broken I can still listen to Das Racist’s new album Relax when ever I want, for as long as I want. That is what makes Spotify great. On demand and very few restrictions. The other great thing about it is the ability to share playlists on Facebook. The only thing better than listening to music is listening to music with friends, even if they are digital friends. That’s why this article makes sense to us here on Team Motalen: article describes a Swedish study that suggests the rise of Spotify could have something to do with the decrease of Swedish music pirates. The old adage goes correlation does not imply causation. But the trends are there, in Sweden at least. If Spotify can keep what makes it great, a large library with few limitations it could challenge illegal downloads. But if they keep adding limitations to their free accounts, like they are currently doing, Spotify will likely lose the fight and we will have to get them one of these:pabst blue ribbon coffin for bill bramanti

Design Reinvented

Today Team Motalen has launched our new website! We still have the links to all our social sites, but we have made a major change. Our latest project has taken center stage in the form of the video preview you see. We have been using the latest technology to try to bring the best gaming experience to our fellow gamers. In the video you can see a strikingly handsome individual (the one and only Sean) testing his skills (though he is only good at Halo) atValve’s Left 4 Dead 2 while we read his emotions. And while we analyze game sound using our BTOVEN technology. If you didn’t already know, part of what makes Valve so successful is their usability testing using biological and non-biological cues. Here is a link describing a little bit of what they do (SPOILER: YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED): accessing the vital signs of gamers they are able to move towards a gaming singularity where the virtual world and your real life become merged. Scary? Absolutely not. It will bring about better entertainment which is always good for the gamer!Here at Motalen we hope to take this process to the next level. By accessing player emotions using neuro-technology, something that has never been done before in mobile gaming, we will be able to take game design to a new level… Design Reinvented.

Chapter 5: Know Your Role

There are some people you just shouldn’t call out. Off the top of my head, Mickey Mouse is definitely one of them. That is just what Peter Vesterbacka, the man behind Angry Birds, did in an interview with Erik Eriksen and Azamat Abdymomunov. The actual qoute is,”Angry birds is going to be bigger than Mickey Mouse and Mario”. Here’s the link:
The audacity. You call out Mickey Mouse? Wow, but in his defense what has Mickey mouse done? Besides build this:
Oh my bad I forgot that’s just his Florida digs. He built himself a nice little spot on the left coast, too:
Oh and sometimes he likes to go euro trippin:
Peter better hope they don’t have Walt Disney’s frozen head hooked up to the internet, becasue when they engineer a robot body for that man look out. Mickey has been around since 1928. Vesterbacka must have a serious long term outlook for his little birds. Riovo says that Angry Birds has over 300 million downloads world wide so far. Well, in one week, Disney World in Orlando alone has more vistors than Angry Birds has total downloads. Disney has created their own billion dollar industry and Mickey Mouse is the cornerstone. Mickey is King and will likely be King for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. I mean come on:
Now for Super Mario. That little plumber holds a special place in my heart as I am sure he does in a lot of gamers my age. Which is why this Vesterbacka’s claim boarders on blasphemy. That man, his brother and that fine princess are legends of American video game lore. They are trailblazers, and trailblazers are not to be messed with. What year is it? 2011? Oh, that means that Mario has only stayed culturally Relevant for 30 years, as a video game character, no big deal. What’s that? That’s a little cheap because he wasn’t even called Mario in those early years? Ok, well we can skip to his first starring role in Super Mario Bros. on the NES. That was only the best selling game for oooh idk 2 decades. Then of course there is this:Who hasn’t organized an a cappella group to preform that song? This Guy has.
All defensiveness aside, the article is really good and Vesterbacka has some interesting insight. I guess the old saying goes, shoot for the stars and you’ll hit the moon. I have no problem with him saying something like, yea we eventually want to be mentioned up there with the big icons like Mickey and Mario. I think what bothers me is the boldness of his statement that he will be bigger than those two. Does he realistically see Angry Birds spawning more than three theme parks? But I guess he has a right to be bold. It looks like if he plays his cards right Angry Birds can be the mobile trailblazer that Mario was to counsel gaming. We all know that it isn’t easy though, and there is a long road ahead. So for now, he needs to check himself. Sorry bro, your princess is in another castle. Keep looking.

Chapter 4: Google minus

Bom Dia (that’s Portuguese). So. Google+ has gone public. Good to know. I was under the impression that Google+ had just given up, caving into the demands of Facebook before it even launched. Let’s recap.I recieved a Google+ invite at the beginning of the summer. For those of you keeping track at home that was like 4 months ago. So this has been floating around for awhile obviously in beta. Now, when these invites first started making their way around the interwebs, it was nuts.


People were on Facebook like: OMG this fb is sooooo last year of hi skool lolz! im goin to google+ lataz losers! :P 

You and Stacy Sleepsaround Likes this! There are 12 comments.

Twitter was like: DM me 4 Google+ invi #ThingsDrakeSaysWhenHeWakesUpOnTuesdayAndEatsCapncrunchWithoutMilk

I won’t lie. I was excited too. I found a friend offer invites and I reached out. I thought it was cool, new, and exciting. I mean everything that Google makes works and works well. For example, I am on my Chromebook right now. This cartoon (from July 16) basically sums up how everyone felt: general consensus was that Facebook was doomed, Google+ was a death sentence. That feeling lasted for about a week, then I realized it sucked. It was just one more thing to look at, and it wasn’t even worth while because no one was using it. Eventually the days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months, and I had completely forgot about Google+. Facebook remained king.Yesterday Motalen CEO Sean Austin (It’s complicated with Stacy Sleepsaround) sent me this CNN article announcing the grand (re)opening of Google+: would be great if it happened 3 months ago. That massive amount of internet hype has dissipated. I know I don’t care anymore and I know there are plenty of people out there that feel the same way. Sean wanted me to talk about whether or not “Goggle+ can overtake Facebook with marketing.” I don’t think so. Facebook has the greatest marketing scheme of all time. 750 million people using and TALKING about Facebook in public almost constantly. Have you been around high school kids lately? Every conversation ends up being about what some one said on Facebook. These kids are having the same conversations twice!
Teen 1: “OMG, did you see teen 4’s Facebook status last night?”

Teen 2: “OMG I KNOOOOW, whaaaat?”

Teen 3: “LOLZ, I totally posted a comment did you see it?”

Teen 4: “LOL Yea i liked it.”

Teen 5 (in the tie): “I really wish our Moms would stop trippin”Teen 1: “OMG, totally.”

I know my friends and I are guilty of the same thing every once and a while and we are a few years removed from that. That brings up my next point.My generation has been the fuel that drives these social media sites. I have had a Facebook for 6 years! In terms of the internet that is FOREVER. Think about all the pictures from Friday night parties, Saturday rage fests, and the occasional Sunday night brewhaha that Stacy Sleepsaround has accumulated over the course of 6 years. You think she is going to want to abandon that all for Google+? College humor is right, what’s the point?I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

Chapter 3: Jay-z Drinks Irony Beer

Who you know fresher than Hov? Riddle me that. Tough question right? There is probably a very short list of people fresher than Jay-Z. He’s got the hottest chick in the game wearin his chain, oh and also carrying his child. He is renowned by many as one of the greatest rappers of all time. He has his hand in countless business ventures. Basically he is a part time rapper, part time entrepreneur, part time member of the illuminati, and full time living the dream (a dream he gets to share with Beyonce). The only knock against him I have is that he is part owner of the… NJ Nets.So when Jay-Z shouts out your product in a song it must be a good thing right? Nothing is better for a product than a little street cred produced by one of the most ballin dudes of all time, just ask the flat brim Yankee hat. I’m sure when Research in Motion (RIMM for those stock brokers out there) heard Jay-Z’s Encore off the 2006 album The Black Album, they were thrilled. Here’s the track with lyrics in the description: can look past the fact that he says Blueberry and not Blackberry because, according to, he uses Blueberry to reference the Blackberry 6200 or 7200, which happen to be blue. In fact, here is a picture of Jay-Z in 2006 from (Yea right. more on that later):That is Jay-Z at the sound board, Blackberry clearly visible. But then, this happened:Yup, that is Jay-Z rockin an iPhone. What’s the difference between these two pictures? the second taken from is from 2010. Oh what a difference 4 years makes in the cell phone game.A couple of days ago Motalen CEO and professional Jay-Z impersonator (not a very successful one) Sean Austin sent me this article: article describes the fall of the once dominate Blackberry. An innovator in the smart phone game, RIMM now finds themselves playing some serious catch up. But, what happened? how do you go from the top to the bottom in only 4 years? I am of course measuring the top and bottom using the “things Jay-Z uses and raps about barometer”.I had a Blackberry Tour for two years up until a week ago. What a happy day it was to finally upgrade to my new Droid. It wasn’t really a functionality issue. I brought my Tour with me while I frolicked through Europe and North Africa for a year and it worked great everywhere I went, I was swapping out SIM cards like a full blown drug trafficker. The problem was once I returned stateside I found that my Blackberry was no fun. My friends were all playing Words with Friends and Angry Birds, while looking at cool Beluga maps, and I was stuck playing brick breaker while trying to deal with a finicky track ball. Blackberry just isn’t cool.Developers aren’t making fun apps for Blackberry and are, rightfully, reluctant to do so.Blackberry is a corporate suit at a rave. It is not cool. It’s the phone of CEO’s and accountants. I’m not talking about the next gen business execs of Silicon Valley fame, but the stuffy, everyone hates you execs of Wall Street fame. Blackberry is relying on this fact to keep them afloat right now, but if they want to bounce back to compete with Apple and Google, they need to shake that image fast. They need to get cooler.How does one go about getting cooler? For those of you that have been to high school, you know that climbing the social ladder is not really an easy thing. Popularity and the perception of cool is not always obtainable by all. Luckily for them, RIM probably has something every high school kid at the bottom of the social hierarchy doesn’t. A butt load of money ready to be thrown at the problem. I’m sure that RIM is prepared to launch a huge marketing campaign to usher in their new QNX operating system and hopefully for their sake they focus on the “cool” aspect.I don’t think it is gonna happen. The mountain the Blackberry has to climb is too tall in my opinion. To be honest, I think the only way the Blackberry will be cool is if the hipster community starts using them, you know, in an ironic way. So, I guess they still won’t be cool. Tough luck RIM, I’ll pour out an irony beer for you. Actually, better yet, I’ll just buy you this coffin:pabst blue ribbon coffin for bill bramanti

Chapter 2

What a night. I woke up this morning after not nearly enough sleep with my face planted firmly on the keyboard of my open Chrome Book. Oh right! I decide that it was a good idea to try to write a blog post at 4:30am after a night full of debauchery. Right. Well, what a mistake that was. What I had produced was a 2 page long rant about how people that don’t wear socks on a consistent basis. The 2 page diatribe basically boiled down to: Not wearing socks is weird, because my inebriated ass says so. In all fairness to me though, how do you not wear socks? Upon reading through my initial attempt, I decided it would be a good idea to start fresh. It is a new day deserving of a new idea.Yesterday, Motalen’s fearless leader Sean Austin (the crowd goes wild) sent me this article:
In the email he sent me he said, “Use this in the blog.” If that isn’t desicive corporate leadership I don’t know what is. It is only my third day on Team Motalen so I have decided not to disrupt the corporate hierarchy just. Besides, the more I cooperate, the more of a surprise my coup will be at the end of next month.This article describes an interview with professional baller, Elon Musk. For those of you who don’t know Elon is a co-founder of PayPal (pssh whatevs big deal), founder of the electric super car producing Tesla Motors (um that’s cool) and founder of Space Exploration Technologies, a space exploration start up company. Ok, that last one is some REAL fresh dopness. The article basically highlights Musk’s feeling that starting a company is some scary dip, but the all mighty interwebs make it a little easier. Musk finds it so bad that he goes as far to say that, “starting a company is like staring into the face of death.” Woah nelly that is heavy. But of course, the internet makes everything better as always. By lowering start up costs, the marvelous world wide web allows people to start small and expand. Entrepreneurs are no longer required to raise a boatload of cash and start with something huge. Like, let’s say for example, a space exploration START-UP. Most of us can’t jump right into that.I think the coolest thing about this guy is the Tesla. That is seriously cool. The newest electric roadster goes 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Yea, that’s pretty damn fast. It doesn’t make any cool engine noise, which sucks, but it is a great idea. Here is a cool video about the Model S:
That’s all for today bloggies, I’m off to hydrate so I can have a repeat performance of last night. Who knows maybe this time my 4:30am rant will be usable.

The State of The Internet: Chapter 1

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Motalen Man. Who am I you ask? I’m the newest member of the Motalen Team, part time hype man and internet enthusiast (I mean that in the most unprofessional of ways). And what a great day it has been to be an internet enthusiast. Journeying through the interwebs today, I found so much suitable material for my first blog post. I mean for starters, the good ol’ US of A woke up to naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson. If that isn’t the perfect start to a day of internet it’s damn close. The only unfortunate part of the whole situation is that she didn’t “leak” these photos on her own accord, apparently her phone was hacked. Or was it? Then we get the drop on the Droid by Dre business, the phone with Dre’s beats technology. That is some exciting news as a music fan, a hip hop fan and a member of a mobile development studio (imagine a music based game bumpin out of those beats, wink wink). The first thing I ever bought with my own money was Chronic 2001, Dr. Dre does big things. I just want to know when we are gonna see a Symbian phone by the Ying Yang twins; offered exclusively on Boost Mobile of course.  Then, around noon, my fellow Motalen team member and blog contributor  Sean Austin (hold the applause) sent me this link:
That is a Businessweek article discussing the possibility of an Apple TV. I am not talking about the little square box that costs around $100 and is essentially a netflix machine, we are talking the real thing. A full blown flat panel television set with that shiny little half eaten apple that we all know and love glued on the front. The article goes into all that really great (if you’re into that kinda thing) business type economic analysis of the idea, talking about competition and markets and things like that. But let me tell you what caught my attention. The author, Ben Kunz, references a certain patent that Apple won in 2010 for a new 3D screen system. The system uses no goggles and can be viewed at any angle. The patent uses an interesting word to describe the image produced; a hologram. Hold. The. Phones. A Hologram? I don’t know about you, but when I think  about a hologram a couple images come to mind, and they are all really awesome. Back to the Future II immediately comes to mind. I have a lot of faith in Apple products and I expect to have hologram sharks jumping out attempting to eat me as I walk past my shiny new Apple TV. Then of course there is the obvious “Help me Obi Won Kenobi. You’re my only hope” hologram. I’ll be honest though, the Star Wars holograms lack the picture quality and color definition that I would expect from a new $7000 Apple hologram TV. I’m not so sure I would be able to justify that purchase.This is all speculation of course, at least until some drunk trips over a 70 inch prototype on the way out of a San Francisco bar. 
That should happen soon. 
Chapter 1 is the first of many stay tuned for more adventures through the internet with your boy, the Motalen Man.

These memories will be forever stored in my MicroSD.


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